A downloadable mod for NTT

This mod adds a few weapons from some of my favorite games. All weapons do not spawn naturally and must be obtained through /cwep or some such command.

The Master Sword: /cwep master sword

Link's sword from The Legend of Zelda. A melee weapon that does damage based on your health. At full health, it also shoots sword beams. If allowed to reload for long enough, the next attack will be a spin attack.

Arm Cannon: /cwep arm cannon

Samus's cannon from Metroid. Hold the fire button to charge up a shot and release to fire. More charge makes shots move slower but do more damage.

POW Blocks: /cwep pow block

Throwable POW blocks from the Mario series. On use, throws a POW block that creates an explosion on landing. The central explosion does a lot of damage, breaks terrain, and can hurt you. It also creates a shockwave that spans a screenwide area and only damages enemies.

The Mega Buster: /cwep mega buster

Mega Man's gun from series of the same name. By default, uses energy to fire a quick burst of three pellets. After killing a boss, it copies their weaponry! Big Bandit gives an ammo-less charge attack that deals extra damage to Mom. Big Dog gives explosive missiles that deal extra damage to Hyper Crystal. Lil' Hunter gives a bouncer shotgun attack that really hurts the Technomancer. The Nuclear Throne gives large radioactive blasts that are Big Bandit's weakness. Mom gives a toxic blast that destroys Big Dog easily. Hyper Crystal gives a movement-controlled crystal shield that annihilates Lil' Hunter. Finally, the Technomancer gives turret summons that easily defeat the Throne.

CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-weapon

Install instructions

Unzip the file directly into your mods folder. In game, type '/loadtext nintendo weapons' to load the mod. You must have Nuclear Throne Together to run this mod.


nintendoweapons.zip 10 kB


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i think they shoud spawn manually in like secret areas or something

I've considered various ways to make them naturally spawn. I've been thinking that the master sword could appear in a pedestal in the jungle, but I don't know what to do with the other ones. I think that the mega buster should stay restricted to /cwep though, because it's made to be used from the start of the game.