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Tiny guns adds some miniscule, puny, terrible guns to Nuclear Throne Together. They're actually so bad. Why would you use these.

  • Objectively worse than their base counterparts
  • Objectively worse than the rusty revolver
  • Tiny and insignificant
  • Some of them can kill bandits with unremarkable efficiency
  • Entirely useless

Now also featuring Huge Guns! They're not quite so bad, but you can't hold a second gun with one of these, and their ammo costs leave something to be desired. With great firepower comes great usability issues.

Install instructions

Place the TinyGuns.zip file in your /steamapps/common/Nuclear Throne/mods/ folder. Unzip the file. From in game, type /load tiny guns to load the mod.


TinyGuns.zip 15 kB


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